omg isn't there over 200 episodes of dragon ball z or s/t

probably somewhere around that. that show was literally my entire childhood, so it was on for a good few years, lol. but srsly, it’s so good. or at least it was until it turned into dragon ball gt or whatever. it’ll keep you occupied for a while. xD

I finished ouran high school house club and I'm currently watching death note, any recommendations for when I'm done? :D

hmm, i think you’ve got my favourite shows covered - death note and fma are the best. when i was a kid dragon ball z was literally my favourite thing ever, so you could try that if you want. but movie-wise, any studio ghibli film is guaranteed to be visually stunning. i’m not sure if you’ve already seen them or not? but howl’s moving castle is just flawless. ^.^

I just started watching anime last week and fma was the first one I watched... all 51 episodes in 4 days. I loved it so much, thank you for making this tumblr :)

well thank you very much. i’m glad you enjoyed it & i’m glad you like my tumblr :)

any plans to watch anymore anime in the future? ;D